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Aerospace & Defense

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Aerospace & defence cleanroom standards

AXENIC SYSTEMS (established in 1995) designs and constructs cleanrooms for all productions, modifying each cleanroom to reflect the unique requirements of AEROSPACE & DEFENCE CLEANROOM application. Our controlled cleanroom environments are made using prefabricated modular panels.

The modular aerospace and defence cleanrooms are completely recyclable, reconfigurable, and consistent. Modular panels come insulated according to your specifications to seal in clean air, act as a barrier against pollutants and contaminants, and give you entire control of the environment. Modular cleanrooms are easier and inexpensive to install than building a cleanroom onsite and provide better control, performance, and energy efficiency.

When it comes to aerospace and defence cleanrooms, it’s never one size that fits all. Our modular cleanrooms are completely customizable for optimum control over temperature, humidity, and air filtration to fulfil the size requirements. Our defence and aerospace cleanrooms meet ISO industry-specific cleanroom standards, and work efficiently and securely for the products and facility staff.


Aerospace and Defence Cleanrooms are vital for the development of aircraft and spacecraft fine electronics, hardware, optical devices, and more. To support the essential products and components they manufacture, assemble, and test the aerospace and defence industries need full control over the cleanroom environment to limit the contamination by particles on hardware surfaces. A modular aerospace cleanroom is functionally designed to limit the introduction of contaminants into your cleanroom, limit contact to contaminants while in the cleanroom, and constantly remove contaminating particles from the air. 

The cleanroom itself must be safe for the procedures within the walls, for products and personnel. Defence and aerospace cleanrooms are constructed with non-outgassing and silicone-free components and use electro-static discharge materials where needed to keep employees and products secure.

With active filtration and complete control over humidity and temperature, our modular cleanrooms for aerospace and defence industries are perfect for applications with changing requirements or requiring customized spaces for large sized equipment and products. Additional customized features and cleanroom supplies are offered including laminar flow systems, air showers, fire suppression, industry-specific furniture, and much more.

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We can build both types as free-standing structures or inside existing buildings.