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Agricultural Cleanroom

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Agricultural Cleanroom


AXENIC SYSTEMS (established in 1995) manufactures and installs Hardwall cleanrooms that can serve as agricultural grow rooms with a high level of environmental control over factors like humidity, pressure, static, and of course, contamination. These cleanrooms can be designed to fulfil the strictest ISO standards, while incorporating existing buildings or structures or as free-standing units. Our Rigidwall cleanrooms offer durable environmental control for your grow room as well as flexible design. For product storage or grow rooms requiring only low levels of environmental control, our Softwall offerings are both flexible and inexpensive.

Agricultural research cleanrooms are important for the production and development of seeds, pesticides, feeds, and other products that help feed our nation and the world. Some agricultural cleanrooms aren’t used for research purposes, however; some are used for growing plants. This allows for extremely controlled grow environments free from pests and contaminations. To meet the high standards of federal regulations and the agriculture industry generally, cleanrooms in this field are required to meet high standards and control contamination between ISO Classes 5 and 7.



Depending on the growing or testing requirements of the agricultural operation, our cleanrooms come with an extensive variety of customization options, from lighting to air flow and filtration. For any agricultural application, our cleanroom preferences can create the perfect environment for your application.

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We can build both types as free-standing structures or inside existing buildings.