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Air Curtains

Table of Contents

Introduction to Air Curtains

AXENIC SYSTEMS (established in 1995) is a prime manufacturer and supplier of Air Curtains for various cleanroom applications. Air Curtains are installed above the door and make an unseen layer of curtain that prevents the germs and bacteria from entering the place.

An air curtain, also called an air door, is a mechanism that blows a controlled stream of air through an opening to the other side to form an air seal. This seal divides different environments while allowing a smooth, constant flow of traffic and unobstructed visualization through the opening. Because air curtains help to contain conditioned or heated air, they provide substantial energy savings and improved personal comfort when applied in industrial or commercial settings. An air curtain also helps to prevent the infiltration of pollutants and flying insects.

Similar to a door, an air curtain acts as a barricade to avoid outside air from entering a cleanroom. It is mounted above the entrance of the cleanroom to produce a barrier of ULPA Class 10 micro-filtered air. Air curtain protects against elements and ambient air from entering in a controlled environment. They are convenient over any type and size of opening to control temperature and/or contamination.

Features & benefits

  • Air curtain provides fresh and cool air inside the cleanroom by removing all the dust and tiny particles.
  • They help in keeping the insects, mosquitoes, and bad odour away from the room. 
  • Air curtain keeps the environment clean and the surrounding remains healthy.  
  • Some of them have automatic sensors that detect germs and bacteria and start working as soon as anyone enters the place.
  • Air curtain in the cleanroom works as an obstacle against fire smoke.

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