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Air Shower System

Table of Contents

Air Shower System

Introduction to Air Shower System

AXENIC SYSTEMS (established in 1995) is a manufacturer and supplier of Air Shower System designed to function as a gateway controller between the cleanroom production space and the outside area fitted prior to cleanroom entrance. 

Air shower system is an area of enclosed spaces through which operators of Cleanrooms must pass through before gaining access to the controlled area in question. This enclosure makes use of high-intensity HEPA to eliminate air particles, dust and microorganisms that latch onto workers or items being brought into the room. Air showers are placed between the gowning area and cleanroom and are used upon entrance or exit.

Design And Use

Air showers are fitted with jet nozzles, filters and electronically-powered blowers. They are made from Cleanroom-compatible steel or plastic materials. The air produced is channeled inside the air shower, where there is continuous re-circulation. The air goes through an electronic filter module into a plenum, and then into the shower through the jet nozzles. Personnel inside the enclosed space should lift their arms and turn around to permit the air stream full access.

How air showers work

Air showers work likewise to automated car wash pressure washer systems, where the car enters the wash compartment, doors at both ends close; high-pressure streams of water from all angles blast particles of dirt from the car. The cleaning series ends, a light comes on and the exit door opens.

In an air shower, an employee passes through the entrance door, and a sensor triggers interlock magnets, which lock the air shower and cleanroom doors. Many adjustable nozzles blow high-velocity streams of Class 100 filtered air onto the personnel. The high-velocity air creates a flapping effect on clothing that generates a scrubbing action, removing particulates from cleanroom garments. To ensure all particles are removed, employees raise their arms and rotate in place.

Indicator lights signal at the end of the cleaning cycle, and the cleanroom door unlocks. It takes four to eight seconds of cleaning time and another two to four seconds for the air shower to remove contaminated air prior to the worker exiting. Microprocessors control the cleaning and interval times. A touch screen within the air shower displays a visual instruction of where the air shower is in the cycle and contains a countdown screen to inform inhabitants of time remaining in the air shower.

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