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Biological Safety Cabinets

Table of Contents

Biological Safety Cabinets

Introduction to Biological Safety Cabinets

AXENIC SYSTEMS (established in 1995) is one of the leading companies engaged in manufacturing and supplying Biological Safety Cabinets to carry out the decontamination process in a cleanroom. Our finest quality Biological Safety Cabinets are wisely constructed at our factory, tested at different parameters then dispatched to the client’s site. We have an in -house facility of design, production and installation of Biological Safety Cabinets for laboratories, clean rooms and manufacturing areas. 

The biological safety cabinets (sometimes mentioned as BSC) are stand-alone containment components in which dangerous agents or sensitive products may be placed. The BSC can provide laboratory workers protection against harmful material that is stored in the cabinet. Instead, the biological safety cabinet provides protection to the product inside the cabinet against external harmful agents.

The Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) protects the scientist, the research materials, and other lab members through a simple system of airflow and filters. A BSC is used when activities are expected to generate splashes, droplets, and aerosols with possibly infectious biological materials.

Classes of Biological Safety Cabinets

Biological Safety Cabinets are divided into three classes, with allocated biosafety levels to each class. The three classes are:

  • Class I Biological Safety Cabinet is for environmental and workforce protection only and has biosafety levels of 1,2,3.
  • Class II Biological Safety Cabinet is for environment, workforce and product protection and has a biosafety levels of 1,2,3.
  • Class III Biological Safety Cabinet is for protection against highly dangerous bio agents and has a biosafety level of 4.


  • The Biological Safety Cabinet is highly reliable and CE certified.
  • Includes microprocessor-based controller
  • Biological Safety Cabinet consists of a proper fluorescent lamp
  • Heavy-duty & Low maintenance.
  • Biological Safety Cabinet is energy efficient and user-friendly
  • The Biological Safety Cabinet provides a proper airflow management system.
  • Class 100 work environment as per ISO 14644-1
  • The Biological Safety Cabinet is constructed with MS powder coating.
  • Consists of audio / visual sash alarm.
  • The Biological Safety Cabinet has wall plenum construction and Low noise operation.

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