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Cleanroom Engineering

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Cleanroom Engineering

Introduction to Cleanroom Ceilings

AXENIC SYSTEM has built and installed a large amount of facilities that successfully allows us to engineer your particular building requirements. Our designed and engineered cleanrooms meet the classification requirements as well as any particular specifications that the client needs in their cleanroom. Our team is cleanroom engineering experts with years of experience to design and develop your facility to meet the highest standards of operation and performance.

Whether your project’s purpose is medical or biotechnical, industrial, semiconductors, effective engineering and design is the solution in achieving proper air flow circulation and air quality appropriate for the operation of cleanrooms. In addition, it allows you to maximize efficiency, decrease energy consumption, increase yield, enhance employee comfort and diminish maintenance and operating costs.

Engineering solutions in controlling contaminants

Effective cleanroom design and engineering needs tight environmental controls that limit airborne particles, enclosing them within a specified range or level, along with tight humidity and temperature control. For industrial applications, manufacturing and technology, airborne contaminants intimidate the integrity of sensitive electronic components, like microprocessors. In biotechnology and medicine, the concentration shifts to maintaining an environment free of pathogens. This protects cleanroom personnel as well as the integrity of research and manufactured products.

ISO standard established cleanroom

ISO standards establish four principal goals for cleanroom engineering and design that specifically concern ventilation, heating and air conditioning. Initially, the cleanroom should be designed to prevent external contaminants from entering the controlled environment.

Additionally, we must prevent contamination from inside. This means designing the systems to contain or relinquish fumes, particles or other contaminants by products that may be produced by equipment or procedures conducted inside the cleanroom environment.

Furthermore, the engineering system design must monitor air quality levels at regular intervals and respond properly to any identified challenges.

In conclusion, the cleanroom design and engineering must deliver recursive and reliable systems for contaminant elimination.