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Ionizing Equipment

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Ionizing Equipment

Introduction to Ionizing equipment

AXENIC SYSTEMS (established in 1995) are certified manufactures and suppliers of Ionizing equipment in India. Offering high-quality cleanroom Ionizing equipment at economical prices. We use cutting-edge cleanroom technology to make sure you constantly meet necessary standards, whilst maintaining requirements for your cleanroom classification. AXENIC SYSTEMS supplies a large collection of Ionizing equipment for use in electronics assembly, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, flat panel display and medical device manufacturing.

Ionizing equipment is a powerful device that eliminates bacteria, pollen, dust and particles as small as 0.01 microns in size. It utilizes high voltage to electrically charge or ionise air molecules. Cations are positive ions missing one or more electrons, leading to a net positive charge. Anions or negative ions are elements with one or more electrons, leading to a net negative charge.

Unlike a HEPA filter, an air Ionizing equipment doesn’t use a physical paper filter. Instead, it radiates negatively charged ions to attract positively charged ions, like dust and bacteria to form a bond between them. The particles become heavier once this connection is formed. The amplified weight causes the bonded particles to become trapped on an electrostatic collection plate.

Working of Ionizing equipment

Alpha Ionisation:
An air Ionizing equipment works via two methods: alpha ionisation is the first and uses polonium 210 (a nuclear source) – the elements from which collide with transfer electrons and cause neutral air molecules to become negative ions. The advantage of alpha ionisation is the formation of an equal number of negative and positive ions.

Corona Ionisation:
Corona ionisation is the second technique, forming bipolar ionised air through an electric current. A high-voltage electrical current involving a flow of negatively charged electrons is applied to a needle or metal prong. To neutralise dust and other air particles, the negative ions formed are attracted to a static charge in the uncontaminated environment.

Types of Ionizing equipment

Cleanroom Benchtop Ionizing equipment:
A small but efficient blower that controls static discharge in challenging areas of the cleanroom. They are functionally designed to neutralise electrostatic discharge from insulators and isolated environments, like cleanrooms. Benchtop ionisers are designed with an automatic emitter-points cleaner to save time spent on physically cleaning the emitter points of your ioniser.

Cleanroom Overhead Ionizing equipment:
Cleanroom overhead ioniser produces a balanced stream of negative and positive ions to safeguard sensitive materials and neutralise surface static charges. Ionizing equipment is certified for use in cleanrooms that need an ISO Class 4 classification. To maintain accurate balance, it functions with external sensors, alters ion output and adjusts according to environmental changes.

Cleanroom Ionising Air Gun:
A cleanroom ionising air gun is a hand-held device that removes dust, static and pollutants from surfaces. It reduces the risk of damage from electrostatic discharge and easily eliminates stubborn particles in hard to reach areas and surfaces. To resist corrosion, the emitter is made from titanium. This ensures the ioniser gun lasts a long time, mainly when used with a filtered gas supply.

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