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Laminar Flow Work Stations

Table of Contents

Laminar Flow Work Stations

Introduction to Laminar Flow Work Stations

AXENIC SYSTEMS (established in 1995) are certified manufacturers and suppliers of Laminar Flow Work Stations in India. Laminar Flow Work Stations from AXENIC offer ISO Class 5 clean air product protection for USP 797 sterile non-hazardous drug compounding applications in the microbiology labs, pharmacy, and agricultural research. Our Laminar Flow Work Stations can be used where clean airflow is necessary to prepare IV solutions, injectable drugs, tissue culture, optics, microelectronics, and more.

The flow of the body of air in a constant direction and velocity is characterized as laminar flow. Following this definition, a laminar flow work station is a wisely designed station that has the capacity to direct HEPA filtered air precisely. It is a carefully surrounded bench, designed to stop contamination of any particle-sensitive materials in the laboratory or cleanroom. laminar flow work station are physical containment devices that act as major barriers to protect the material inside the hood from different sources of contamination. This unique workstation decreases the noise levels below 62 DBA.

Working principle

  • The principle of laminar flow work station is based on the laminar flow of air through the cabinet.
  • The work station functions by the use of inward flow of air through one or more HEPA filters to create a particulate-free atmosphere.
  • The air is taken through a filtration system and then exhausted through the work surface as a part of the laminar flow of the air.
  • Initially the air passes through the filter pad or pre-filter that lets a streamline flow of air into the cabinet.
  • Next, the fan or blower directs the air towards the HEPA filters.
  • The HEPA filters then trap the microbes, fungi and other particulate materials so that the air moving out of it is particulate-free air.
  • Some of the sewage air then passes through perforation present at the bottom rear end of the cabinet, but most of it passes over the working bench while coming out of the cabinet towards the face of the worker.
  • The laminar flow hood is enclosed on the edges, and continuous positive air pressure is sustained to prevent the interference of contaminated outer air into the cabinet.

Specifications of laminar flow work station

Cleanliness Class 100
Velocity 90 FPM ±20%
HEPA Filter 99.999 % efficiency for particles >0.3 μm
Pre-Filter 85 %efficiency for particles >0.5 μm (Washable)
Particle Count Better than US Fed Std 209 B Class10 and VDI 2083 Class 3
Cabinet Laminated High Quality Wooden Board /PCRC Sheet Powder Coated/Stainless Steel SS 304 (optional 316 grade)
Work Table 304 Stainless Steel (optional 316 grade)
Airflow Speed Control Speed Controller (Three Step Speed Controller)
Blower High efficient centrifugal type with lifetime lubricated bearings
Light High intensity, low wattage >800 lux
Noise Level <55 dBA
Standard Accessories Air/gas cock and mains power socket (16A)
Power Supply 220-230 V,50 Hz.

Features of Laminar flow work station

  • The Laminar flow work station is constructed with steel.
  • It is powder coated with white clean finish.
  • Laminar flow work station consists of overhead fluorescent light.
  • Individual On/Off light switch.
  • Individual On/Off motor switch.
  • Laminar flow work station is offered in Class 100 work environments.
  • 99.99% efficient HEPA filter
  • Laminar flow work station removes 0.3 microns and greater.
  • 1/4″ removable clear acrylic sides
  • Pleated pre-filters: 3X more efficient
  • 20-35% avg atmospheric efficient filter
  • Laminar flow work station has an easy access to change pre-filters


The following are some common uses of a Laminar flow work station in the laboratory:

  • Laminar flow work station is used in laboratories for contamination sensitive procedures like plant tissue culture.
  • Other laboratories procedures like media plate preparation and culture of organisms can be performed within the cabinet.
  • Processes of particle sensitive electronic devices are executed inside the cabinet.
  • In the pharmaceutical industries, drug preparation methods are also performed inside the cabinet to ensure a particulate-free environment during the processes.
  • They can be tailor-made for some specific works and can also be used for overall lab techniques in the microbiological as well as the industrial areas.

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