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construction for cleanroom projects


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AXENIC SYSTEMS (established in 1995) develops controlled modular cleanroom environments for a number of industries and applications, including medical cleanrooms. Modular cleanrooms are increasing in demand for medical applications because they can comply with the rigid standards of medical cleanrooms, yet are flexible enough to accommodate whatever you need to do your work.

Medical cleanrooms are controlled rooms that allow the safe production of treatments and cures, protect the results of medical studies, and create an environment where medical devices can be correctly sanitized and packaged before use. These cleanrooms are vital and valued investments to businesses pursuing medical research or creating and making compounds and devices to improve health and save lives.

Medical cleanrooms are used for discovering medical solutions, developing vaccines and treatments through pharmacological products, and developing life-saving medical devices, among other important applications. These cleanrooms need a variety of standards, equipment, and materials depending on the aims of the facility and its cleanroom classification requirements.


Medical cleanrooms need intended design to create the perfect layout and structure for each application. Modular cleanroom panels can be adjusted, reconfigured, expanded, condensed, or even relocated as your project wants change. Hardwall or Rigidwall panels are suggested for use with medical cleanrooms, as they can meet any classification standards and industry-specific requirements.

Most medical cleanrooms have strict cleanliness standards that need a high level of control in the cleanroom environment, with secondary systems to regulate humidity, temperature, pressure, static, air flow, and particulate matter.


AXENIC SYSTEMS Hardwall cleanrooms enable a high level of control over static, pressure, humidity, and of course, contamination; they can imitate the highest cleanroom classifications required in medical research, pharmaceutical applications, and medical device manufacturing.



Our Rigidwall cleanrooms are an option for medical cleanrooms needing a classification of up to ISO Class 5, while providing similar flexibility as our Hardwall cleanrooms are offering visibility floor to ceiling. Using a strong and heavy-duty frame, Rigidwall modular cleanroom panels can be made using clear acrylic, static dissipative PVC, or polycarbonate.


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We can build both types as free-standing structures or inside existing buildings.