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Mini Pleat HEPA Filters

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Mini Pleat HEPA Filters

Introduction to Mini Pleat HEPA Filters

AXENIC SYSTEMS (established in 1995) is one of the leading companies engaged in manufacturing and supplying Mini Pleat HEPA Filters to carry out the decontamination process in a cleanroom. Our finest quality Mini Pleat HEPA Filters are wisely constructed at our factory, tested at different parameters then dispatched to the client’s site. We have an in -house facility of design, production and installation of Mini Pleat HEPA Filters for laboratories, clean rooms and manufacturing areas. 

The Mini Pleat HEPA Filter is a high-class type of mechanical air filter; which is functionally designed to decontaminate the air surrounding in a cleanroom. It has the ability to trap numerous harmful particles such as pet scurf, spore, particulate mites and many others. Mini Pleat HEPA Filter is essentially a small & portable unit that can take out several airborne particles. This can deal with the allergens found on the cleanroom’s rugs, drapes, table tops etc. Ensuring high cleanliness, it can deal with all sources of irritants and allergens. Mini Pleat HEPA Filter is serviceable and an extremely efficient way to eliminate the tobacco smoke out of your home.

Features of Mini Pleat HEPA Filters

  • Mini Pleat HEPA Filter has low initial pressure drop.
  • Provides high dust holding capacity.
  • High cost / performance ratio.
  • Mini Pleat HEPA Filter has a wide range of standard sizes.
  • Individually leak tested.
  • Factory extruded, lockable type, 69 mm Aluminium casing.
  • Mini Pleat HEPA Filter is compact in size and light in weight.

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