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Pass-Thru Cabinets

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Pass-Thru Cabinets

Introduction to Pass-Thru Cabinets

AXENIC SYSTEMS (established in 1995) are certified manufactures and suppliers of Pass-Thru Cabinets in India with high-quality steel & suitable class HEPA filters and pre-filters to carry out the decontamination process in a cleanroom. Airborne particles on the material may affect the research of a company so we always recommend AXENIC Pass-Thru Cabinets to all our clients. We believe in innovative designs, quality & great after-sales support to all clients with spare parts availability. 

Pass-Thru Cabinets is a closed steel box with dual door used for transferring the material from the nonsterile door to a sterile door inside the cleanroom. These boxes offer a controlled environment to the cleanroom from airborne cross-contamination for an enhanced research environment. These specified entry systems reduce the necessity for people to enter the cleanroom, and thanks to lower traffic inside the cleanroom, contamination is significantly reduced. As the name suggests itself, the main and only work of a pass box is to pass material from one side to other without raising contamination issues and if any particulate matter presents on the material surface, it swipes away during the process.

Types of Pass-Thru Cabinets

Pass-Thru Cabinets is a cleanroom equipment designed in two categories one is a dynamic pass box and the other is a static pass box.

A dynamic pass box is installed between classified and non-classified areas. Material is passed through vertically HEPA filtered air. The equipment is designed in complete Stainless steel 304 with an interlocking system, Illumination light, UV light, Fan Motor, 0.3 microns HEPA filter. HEPA Filters are suction filters used to prevent any type of cross-contamination. The interlocking system will give the benefit of opening one door at a time during the pass-through of material. They are used to transfer materials from uncontrolled to controlled environments. Dynamic pass box functions like an airlock or laminar air flow unit.

Static pass box is mounted only between two clean room areas and has no air supply or extract. It is also recognized as a passive pass box and equipped with UV light. Static pass box is designed with an interlocking system, UV light, magnetic door locking & buzzer alarm; it has no HEPA filters and Fans for passing through the material. They are used to transfer materials between two rooms of equivalent cleanliness levels and are designed for nominal personnel movement.

Technical specifications of Pass-Thru Cabinets

Design type Dynamic Static
Cleanliness level Class 100 Passive
Internal Dimension 2 x 2 x 2 Ft.

3 x 3 x 3 Ft.

4 x 3 x 3 Ft.

2 x 2 x 2 Ft.

3 x 3 x 3 Ft.

4 x 3 x 3 Ft.

Construction SS 304 SS 304
Illumination Philips LED Philips LED
Air system MS Blower Not Applicable
Filters  The HEPA filter (99.97%)0.3 microns-filters (95% down to 5 microns) Not Applicable
Door  Interlocking Doors with Glass view Window  Interlocking Doors with Glass view Window
Standard Fittings Light indicators for door Handles & hinges UV light Light indicators for door

 SS Handles & hinges

 UV light

Power supply 220 V +/- 10%  ,  50/60 Hz 220 V +/- 10%  ,  50/60 Hz

Working principle of Pass-Thru Cabinets

Pass-Thru Cabinets are installed on the wall between the clean room and the other room. It is a four-sided compartment with two doors – one opens in the clean room and another opens in the other room. The electro-magnetic interlocking system permits opening of any one door at a time. This prevents the direct air flow between the clean room to the other room. This eliminates the need to open the door of the clean room frequently for transmitting the material. Pass box helps in accomplishing the material transfer without negotiating the level of hygiene in the clean room.

Features of Pass-Thru Cabinets

  • Pass-Thru Cabinets provide extremely high accuracy design and fine finish.
  • Robust construction and great strength.
  • Pass-Thru Cabinets are constructed with Chemical resistant materials.
  • Provides ultra-violet light protection.
  • Electromagnetic interlocking system is offered in Pass-Thru Cabinets.
  • Buzzer indication for material transfers.
  • Pass-Thru Cabinets deliver low noise, less than 60db.
  • Fully custom designed.

Application industries

  • Semiconductor Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Chemical Laboratories
  • Electronics Industry

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