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Pharmaceutical Industry

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Pharmaceutical Industry


AXENIC SYSTEMS (established in 1995) develops controlled modular cleanroom environments for a number of industries and applications, including pharmaceutical cleanrooms. Modular cleanrooms are increasing in demand for medical applications because they can comply with the rigid standards of pharmaceutical cleanrooms, yet are flexible enough to accommodate whatever you need to do your work.

The pharmaceutical industry is subject to substantial government regulation, and pharmaceutical cleanrooms must meet strict standards and requirements. The minimum standard for pharmaceutical cleanrooms is commonly ISO 5 (Federal Standard 209e Class 100), which requires 240-600 air changes per hour and 35-70 percent ceiling coverage to maintain an environment of 100,000 0.1μm particles per cubic meter. Axenic system constructs, designs, and installs the highest quality pharmaceutical cleanrooms to meet these requirements. We offer modular cleanrooms that can be free-standing, modular elements or that make use of your existing wall and structure.

Our Hardwall and Rigidwall modular cleanrooms make use of your existing walls and are free-standing.


AXENIC SYSTEMS offers and installs multi-stage air filtration systems that make use of HEPA filters and pre-filters, a wide range of lighting options from standard to flow through modules, and laminar air flow systems that can be incorporated with existing HVAC.

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We can build both types as free-standing structures or inside existing buildings.