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Powder Handling & Containment Systems

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Powder Handling & Containment Systems

Introduction to Powder Handling & Containment Systems

AXENIC SYSTEMS (established in 1995) offers a perfect enclosure for Pharmaceutical handling by providing high quality Powder Handling & Containment Systems. They offer many benefits of a modular clean room and biological safety cabinet, containing a filtration system that maintains cleanliness level of ISO3/ISO 5. Powder Handling & Containment Systems offered by us is extensively appreciated for providing first-rate purity testing, weighing, packaging, chemical analysis.

Powder Handling & Containment Systems carries out the process of carefully containing potentially dangerous substances, including dust or vapours, powders, during the manufacturing process of certain goods. Powder containment is mainly vital in the pharmaceuticals industry, where chemicals need to go through a variety of procedures before they are ready to safely hand over to patients. However, Powder Handling & Containment Systems helps to stop harmful materials from reaching other parts of the cleanroom.


  • The Recirculation Module of Powder Handling & Containment Systems creates a HEPA filtered clean zone.
  • Rear mounted air vents pull air and powder away from the operator and work area.
  • Powder Handling & Containment Systems consist of air conditioning and dehumidification modules which maintain an accurate environmental condition.
  • Rear manifold recalculates air through inlet HEPA filters to ensure a constant wash of particle-free air to the work space.
  • Powder Handling & Containment Systems has a broad access area, with parting vinyl strip shields, enabling easy access, even pallet loading of huge containers.
  • Features an adaptable air-handling system that lets you organize the working space according to your requirements.

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