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Axenic System is one of the leading company engaged in architectural
designing, planning, installation, commissioning of HVAC and Turnkey
construction for cleanroom projects

Quality Control

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Quality Control


AXENIC SYSTEMS (established in 1995) develops controlled modular cleanroom environments for a number of industries and applications, including quality control cleanrooms. Modular cleanrooms are increasing in demand for manufacturing applications because they can comply with the rigid standards of manufacturing cleanrooms, yet are flexible enough to accommodate whatever you need to do your work.

Controlling quality is important for any manufacturer, whether you’re creating industrial, food, medical, or electronic products. To certify that your quality control testing is accurate and your results are reliable, your testing needs to happen in the controlled environment of a cleanroom. Quality control cleanrooms commonly meet ISO Classes 7 or 8, with the maximum number of particles of .05μ or greater in the air in the 352,000 to 3,520,000 range.

Whether you want the strength of a Hardwall cleanroom or the flexibility and compactness of a Softwall cleanroom for your quality control testing or something in between, AXENIC SYSTEMS can construct and design it according to your requirements and specifications.


Ventilation systems

  • Dedicated HVAC
  • Incorporated HVAC
  • Laminar air flow systems

Lighting Options

  • LED panels
  • Standard modules
  • LED light strips
  • Surface mounts
  • Teardrop modules
  • Flow through modules

Filtration systems

  • HEPA filters
  • Multi-stage
  • Pre-filters
  • ULPA filters

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We can build both types as free-standing structures or inside existing buildings.