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Softwall Enclosures

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Softwall Enclosures

Introduction to Softwall enclosures

AXENIC SYSTEMS (established in 1995) are certified manufacturers and suppliers of Softwall enclosures in India. Softwall enclosures cleanrooms are designed to provide clean environments from ISO Standard 14644 Class 3 to Class 8. Softwall enclosures cleanrooms are positive air pressure, single air pass, portable modular structures that can be designed and manufactured according to your specifications.

Softwall are the most inexpensive category of modular cleanroom wall construction. Clear and flexible panels are attached onto a tough, steel frame, enclosing the clean area. The PVC panels overlap to make sure that the walls of the softwall cleanroom are effective barriers when in position. The positive air flow pushes air down through the cleanroom, letting the particles to be flushed out through the low level exhaust vent. Softwall enclosures are an excellent solution for compartmentalization and specified operations inside a modular cleanroom.

Softwall enclosures Design

Softwall enclosures cleanrooms have several uses due to their ability to be small size, portable, and having the ability to fit into limited or confined spaces. They can be disassembled when not required but can be reassembled to meet manufacturing requirements. The practicality and adaptability of Softwall enclosures cleanrooms make them perfect for small manufacturers who want controlled conditions or large manufacturers looking for a contaminant free portable environment.

Features of Softwall enclosures

  • Anti-static/low-outgassing curtains.
  • PVC plastic panels.
  • Lightweight solid acrylic panels.
  • Polycarbonate clear-view panels.
  • Stainless steel frames.
  • Suspension from building roof above.
  • Locking swivel casters.
  • Supplementary air conditioning.

Softwall enclosures Benefits

  • Softwall enclosures cleanrooms need fewer materials and tools to construct. In a small time, a small crew of workers can have a softwall cleanroom up and operable, which further reduces its cost.
  • Though Softwall enclosures cleanrooms have softwall and tube supports, they still have the same strength that is necessary for heavy equipment that is part of production.
  • A softwall enclosure cleanroom can be constructed to fit into any space irrespective of the size and the space.
  • Softwall enclosure cleanroom is assured to perform up to its established standards irrespective of the circumstances.

Industrial applications

Pharmaceutical Industry: The wall stabilities of softwall enclosures cleanrooms are perfect to fit the requirements in Pharmaceutical Industry with their easy to install filtration systems and mobility.

Plastics Industry: The demands of the plastic industry can change quickly, whether it is manufacturing poly bags or medical devices. The flexibility of softwall enclosures cleanrooms makes it possible to rapidly shift the focus of production to meet the increased demand. Softwall curtains make it possible to increase the workspace of a softwall cleanroom and reconfigure it to meet the requirements of a project.

Food and Beverage: Softwall enclosure cleanrooms help reduce the exposure of food products to contaminants such as bacteria, germs and fungi during the production and processing of food products.

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