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Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet

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Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet

Introduction to Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet

AXENIC SYSTEMS (established in 1995) is one of the leading companies engaged in manufacturing and supplying Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet to carry out the decontamination process in a cleanroom. Our finest quality Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet is wisely constructed at our factory, tested at different parameters then dispatched to the client’s site. We have an in -house facility of design, production and installation of Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet for laboratories, clean rooms and manufacturing areas. 

Vertical laminar air flow cabinets are frequently chosen because they resemble, on a small scale, the design of a cleanroom, in which fan/filter components are typically positioned in the ceiling. By directing the laminar flow downward, vertical laminar flow strengthens the effect of gravity and sweeps particles out of the enclosure mostly through a front access area. Micro-contaminants may not have substantial mass, but most particles do ultimately settle on a work surface or the floor of a room, and vertical flow helps get them there sooner.

Standard Features

  • Vertical laminar air flow Cabinet is not deep: needs less floor space.
  • Appropriate for compounding sterile products.
  • Safety and Security: air does not blow directly at operator, and sash provides a barrier in front of operator’s face
  • The Vertical laminar air flow Cabinet has a filter on top that makes it easier to access.
  • Less turbulent influence from air striking large objects or processing equipment.
  • Less cross-contamination of objects positioned on the work surface.

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