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Cleanroom Flush Windows

Table of Contents

Cleanroom Flush Windows

Introduction to Cleanroom Flush Windows

AXENIC SYSTEMS (established in 1995) is one of the leading companies engaged in manufacturing and supplying Cleanroom Flush Windows. Our standard window segments will naturally blend in with your cleanroom design.

Windows play a significant role in safeguarding the cleanliness of any cleanroom. It’s of great significance that all outlets, entrances and openings in the cleanroom are always secure. With window panels cleverly positioned in between two separate rooms, operators in each room can have visual contact and communicate without leaving their particular location. Cleanroom Windows are often located in visiting and inspection halls for aesthetic reasons but also to allow supervision of tasks without disturbing operations and strict protocols for admittance into control areas. 

For a complete flush surface, the flush window is attached into the wall system. Windows can be incorporated into return air walls to decrease airflow disruption. Double flush glazing or insulated glass elements can be incorporated into most designs.

Types of Cleanroom Flush Windows

FULLY FLUSH MOUNT WINDOW – Fully flush windows are plane against the modular wall. The absence of edges makes them easy to clean, since there are no curves to collect dust particles and microorganisms.

SEMI-FLUSH MOUNT CLEAN ROOM WINDOW – The semi flush window has a minor rubber edge that does not draw particles and is easy to clean. The most inexpensive solution for cleanrooms with less stringent classification applications.

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