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Axenic System is one of the leading company engaged in architectural
designing, planning, installation, commissioning of HVAC and Turnkey
construction for cleanroom projects

Cleanroom Elements

AXENIC SYSTEM’S cleanroom and environmental room is intended and built to suit the requirements of the client. While a wide range of industries use cleanrooms, each customer has unique applications needing customization. In addition to the cleanroom specifications, we also have a variety of components and elements available to meet industry and supervisory needs. At AXENIC SYSTEM, we have over 27 years of experience in design, construction, and installation of cleanroom solutions and elements of cleanroom.

When determining the materials and elements to be used in the construction of a cleanroom, it is essential to keep in mind the particular requirements and working conditions of each area. Only through proper design, the cost of installation will be optimised and the resulting facility offers long-standing safety and quality standards that meet your requirements.

While there are distinct stages in the design and construction of a cleanroom, those projects deemed successful integrate certain practices that promote flow of the construction procedure toward accomplishment on time and within budget.

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