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Axenic System is one of the leading company engaged in architectural
designing, planning, installation, commissioning of HVAC and Turnkey
construction for cleanroom projects

Cleanroom Wall Systems

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Cleanroom Wall Systems

Introduction Cleanroom Wall Systems

AXENIC SYSTEMS (established in 1995) is one of the leading companies engaged in manufacturing and supplying Cleanroom Wall Systems to carry out the decontamination process in a cleanroom. Our Cleanroom Wall design is modular pre-fabricated, load-bearing, air return partition wall system and provides built-in air return chases. Our Cleanroom Wall Systems is precisely designed and manufactured for cleanrooms. 

Cleanroom Wall Systems is a non-progressive demountable cleanroom wall that uses a batten system to attach the wall panels to the studs. There are four different framing studs available for this system to permit for single or double sided walls, retrofit to current walls and/or extensive pipe racking on the chase side. The studs are compatible with hardware making connections for mullions and pipe racking easy to install. This Cleanroom Wall Systems is also compatible with the CAS stud less wall system for a smooth transition, making changes from a stud to stud less system fast and easy. Glazed vision panels or return air grilles can be installed as requirements change over the life of the facility.


  • Cleanroom Wall Systems provides a small wall or raised floor air return concept with load-bearing strength.
  • They are light in weight and can easily be handled by two people. 
  • Cleanroom Wall Systems are pre-fabricated at the factory, eliminating both cutting and dust generation during on-site installation. 
  • There are no exposed fasteners, screw heads, gaps or caulked joints to damage the appearance and hygiene of the cleanroom. 
  • Our cleanroom walls are created of welded galvanized C-stud with factory finished wall material.

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